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"ever stop banging you head/ bash the posers til their dead!!!"- deathhammer (norway thrash metal band)

"Metal for maniacs pure. Fast melting steel/ fortune on wheels Brain hemorrhage is the cure" -Venom

You can like other kinds of music and still be on the forum, but no posts about other kinds of music but true metal. If you like that emo and nu-metal stuff, keep that to yourself. If you don't know what true metal is, you'll learn from other metalheads that have more experience in the genre of music. This is not a forum for bashing people just because they can't name a million bands that's so underground and evil and what not. Metal is a brotherhood, but at the same time you have to learn how to take a joke. If someone calls you a newbie to metal, don't get mad and act up.

If you like other types of music that's great and all but this is a metal forum, post only metal related topics or videos or whatever. Nu-metal is not metal. It's not metal because it is too much of rap and less of metal. Glam metal is metal but not all Glam bands actually play metal, we'll only talk about the ones that do play metal. Metalcore is not metal at all, that's metal-punk a fusion of metal and punk, like Deathcore, Grindcore and Crust Punk they are all sub genres of punk and not metal. We will not add Deathcore bands on here because they look like emos and that's not very metal now is it :D ? Plus they stray to far from metal and punk traditions, such as a punk rock drum beat called a "d-beat" (if you listen to most older hard rock bands to 80's hardcore punk and British street punk, you will hear the D-beat) and traditional metal riffing. I mean if you stray from metal traditions, it's no longer metal anymore, but something else.

To have an idea what metal is, you MUST listen to it. Don't go with what a person may call metal. For example, don't go on and look up a band and then just assume it's metal just because they say so. Listen first then compare then judge for yourself. We can take a majority vote on here to help you out.

This isn't the West Indian version to Metal-archives either, so don't thinking, 'cause unlike them, we are a family. We actually talk to you and help you out, if you desire that help and want to learn and hear more metal.

We are all mainly from 3rd world countries and metal isn't provided to us like how Yanks and Europeans have their MTV and can see their shows and shit lol. So we have to count on each other for band knowledge and that crap.

Stay insane, demons

Andy.Lucifuge (Lord Ifrit from Orisha Shakpana (JAMAICA))
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