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    Werewolf! Forum Game Rules and how to play.


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    Werewolf! Forum Game Rules and how to play.

    Post  Scrutinized on Sat Mar 12, 2011 10:15 pm

    We are going to try a forum game. No, not some long drawn out freakish one but a simple game called Werewolf, coming from France I believe.

    The game takes place in a turn basis. One night turn followed by a day turn. Every player makes their move once per turn (one day=1 turn or how ever long we decide our turn is gonna be). Time to get into the game.

    Everyone lives in a small village. Everyone has their jobs and the community lives happily. Thats until one night when two hunters go hunting and encounter something that will forever change the course of life in the village and threaten its very existence. On their trip that night they were both bitten by some strange creature. They managed to ward off this animal after a struggle but the horror had already happened. They were bitten. They made their way to the village and they could feel the disease inside them. But they had to hide it. For legend tells of those of the past who were bitten by some mysterious creature in the woods. They were burnt by the villagers, said to be the Makasukarakadaka. Or what we know as werewolves.
    We all live in this village among us are the two werewolves. We the villagers must seek out these creatures and kill them before they kill us all.

    Characters (Assigned randomly)
    Werewolf-This is the bad guy. He kills one victim every night. There may be 1 or more of them and they have to work co-operately to kill the entire village. They will win if they devour the entire village without being killed. Even if one is killed and one finishes the game, the werewolves still win.

    Villager: Is a basic character who must strategically think about who they will kill and who they suspect is the werewolf. Each day turn the villagers vote on who they think is a werewolf. The player with the most votes gets burnt to death. His character then revealed. Villagers win when the have killed all werewolves.

    Hunter: Has the same attributes as the villager except for one additional feature which is when he is killed, either by vote out or wolf kill, he gets one last shot as he is dying and has to shoot and kill someone. Anyone he wishes.

    Witch: Same attributes as the villager except for one additional feature which is she has 2 potions. One potion can kill anyone during the night turn. The other can resurrect anyone during the night turn after the wolves has killed him. This potion also works on yourself if you are the witch.

    Seer: Same attributes as villager except for one additional feature which is every turn he can look at one person's character and see what he is. He can disclose this to everyone. It is up to everyone to decide whether he is really the seer or just a werewolf pretending. He has to consider that the wolves want the seer dead and will most likely kill him if he discloses that he is the seer.

    Captain: Regular villager but is their leader. His job is to decide who burns if theres ever a tied vote. Beware, he may or may not be a werewolf himself.

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    Re: Werewolf! Forum Game Rules and how to play.

    Post  kevic27 on Mon Sep 12, 2011 8:42 pm

    does dis mean CMA online is comin bak???? cud it b???

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