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    There is a metal song for EVERYONE



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    There is a metal song for EVERYONE

    Post  Yadda-Tastic on Fri Dec 17, 2010 1:17 pm

    I am Trinidad I listen to soca and I dance but my music love is death metal and other genres in metal. so Andy asked me to become a moderator.

    Ok ppl for my 1st post I want to prove a point that everyone no matter what music they are into will find some metal that they will love and i am not talking about sissy stuff but real metal.
    Example a boy in class favourite singer is Christina Alguira and love pop so i lent him a cd with metal and he sincerely loved six feet under revenge of the zombie. From genie in a bottle to chopping off your head.

    How can this be well that song is really fast and catchy and short of what I call bouncy you can't help but move when listening to it.

    Another person is a dance hall man (he was a fun project) now with his bais views to metal I could ot give him something extreme. His firt rock was nu metal (Disturbed) all I did was act like I forgot the cd and curiosity took over him and he listened to it and he liked it and was shock at the emotion into the voice and songs. So it was time to upscale with bands like Pantera, Judas priest then hit him with some death metal in between the songs that he liked like some cannibal Corpse Hammer Smashed Face and Testament. I chosed Hammer smashed face since he loved Ace ventira and CC was in the movie so he already heard them. Now he is still a dance hall guy and into main stream stuff but he loves cc,chaimara, Sodom.

    PPl who never listened to rock or metal loved system of a down or Linkin Park,slipknot, Disturbed. Now do not see this as annoying but as an opening to gradually upscale they metal knowledge and you will see sooner or later they will fall in love with eith some metal songs or even bands. Even if they do not change to full metal heads they will have an understanding to the lovely music of metal.

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