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    Heavy Metal music

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    Heavy Metal music

    Post  andy.lucifuge on Wed Dec 08, 2010 2:37 pm

    ONLY METAL IS REAL!!!!! lol

    Heavy metal was started in Brimingham, England by Black Sabbath, who was very influenced by Psycheldic Rock of the mid-60's. Psycheldic rock was progressing to the sound we know as metal without Black Sabbath, which is very less known. Black Sabbath was not the 1st rock band to introduce dark and ominous themes and sound. You actually had band that were experimenting with Satanic themes way before Sabbath and sounds. But they are credited for the invention of heavy metal music, and mainly progressed with this dark progression that was old than the formation of Black Sabbath. The most they did was just introduced Jazz into the Psycheldic/blues fusion which is not that strong of an influence to heavy metal music. The strongest and most visible influence is Blues music. Like EVERY so-called early or proto metal bands like Cream, Blue Cheer and the great Jimi Hendrix. Compare Black Sabbath with Robert Johnson. Check out this song

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