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    Xamayca a.k.a. Jamaica (land of wood and water)

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    Xamayca a.k.a. Jamaica (land of wood and water)

    Post  andy.lucifuge on Tue Nov 30, 2010 7:11 pm

    Known as the dancehall and murder capital of the earth. Jamaica is metal-dead. You have another band other than Orisha Shakpana that does metal, called Anthirium.(not sure if they are even still active) The most metal Jamaica'll get is Nu-metal and that is underground status in Jamaican society. To a typical Yaadie or Yaadmaan (Jamaican), if you're a fan of heavy metal music and you're black or Indian, then you get teased because you're acting white for liking that stuff or people would think you are from a rich neighbourhood or you'd get called a Satanist. Also in Jamaican society, the norm is to be Xenophobic, unless it's to black african culture or what is perceived as black African culture.
    In the 1960's the island actually had fans of Jimi Hendrix and later in the 70's rock fans diminished from the rise of Reggae music. Most metal and rock fans of the island see this as why metal an rock will never be a success , but if one was to compare the themes of old Black Sabbath and Doom metal with Reggae music and the tempos of the two types of music, it will become visible that there is a possibility of popularity in metal in Jamaica. Sounds crazy, but it would work.
    Hmm, the history, let's see. The word Jamaica is the middle spanish interpretion of the Arawak word "Xamayca" (Ha-Mai-Ka) lit.trans. "Land of Wood and Water." The hammock was invented in Jamaica by the Arawaks. The Arawaks, other than the Ciboney were the only amerindians in Jamaica,(possibly the Arawaks interbred with the Ciboney and bred them out of existance, when the(the arawaks 1st arrived from South America -gasps- maybe some where from Guyana! lol). Their Arawak speech is also in Jamaican patois, just like all our Patois (caribbean native way of speaking). Then Columbus came in 1492, to Jamaica 2nd, and pretty much raped and pilaged. Some Arawaks, because of his cruelity, commited suicide, hid in the hills and went South,(possibly back to South America) and East(possibly to Puerto Rico and Hispaniola)
    In 1665, the British arrived and took Jamaica by force. Before Slavery, you had Blacks(black pirates from west africa) here also and they fought side by side with Spainards against the Redcoat Army(the Brits) they had to retaliate to Cuba, because they were no match. The black pirates went in the hills and hid there.
    The slave trade bought most of my beautiful black people over to Jamaica. Not in the best way, but yea. Sold as P.O.W's after their African monarchial warfare, that and they were kidnapped also. For some reason, just mainly the Ashanti(Asante or Ashante) people were the largest of the 3 tribes of West Africa that arrived in the Caribbean.
    West African art had always (well not all my life but for a while now.)been an influence to me and my band Orisha Shakpana. Before the slaves arrived, they worshipped the Orisha gods. In my love of black metal and Bathory a Black/Viking Metal band, he( the only member, Quorthon) decided to go back to his roots, so i just followed. But when i followed, I fell in love with something other than metal. I fell in love with my African ancestry and not just direct Africans but all my Nubian people.(Indians, Arabs, all the dark skinned races). Their was an Ancient Nubia, were we conquered lands. There was an Ancient Nubia were we made Mathematics and Philosophy and learned. There was a jealous set of people and they stole what was ours. But they cannot be a success forever. IBA MAMI AFRICA!!! Through Nubian Steel we will take back we was once ours.

    Andy Lucifuge
    Lord Ifrit of Orisha Shakpana

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